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This is the latest list of the lamp parts and accessories that I manufacture. Some items are made when ordered, so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  The list prices do not include shipping.    

Description & Pricing

Part Description Price

Student Lamp Shade Holder

These shade supports are made from solid brass, and are bright nickel plated. They will fit  7" diameter shades. The support post  is hand riveted on, like the old ones. This style of shade support is correct for the Manhattan Brass, Perfection, Post & Co., Kleeman, and other student lamps.

Whale Oil Lard Oil Burners

These burners are for use with  heavy oils  that were used prior to about 1860. They are made exactly like the old ones, with brass caps, and tin tubes hand soldered. They take a 1/4" wick, and come with a wick pick.
No. 1  thread sizes,( 7/8" O.D.) is available.

Wick raiser tube fits Kleeman student lamps, and possibly others. Overall length 3 3/4" outside diameter of tube 7/8" $35.00
Wick chase or raiser, fits the above raiser tube, as well as Kleeman student lamps and possibly others. Length 1 3/4" I.D. of tube 5/8" $12.00